Depression is something more than a situation where someone is simply feeling unhappy or bored for a few days.

Everyone has days that they are in a bad mood, but when you suffer from depression, you feel persistently sad for weeks or months, and not only for a few days.
Some people still believe that depression is something insignificant and not a real health condition. This is wrong. Depression is a real disease with real symptoms, and does not consist a sign of weakness or something that you can “overcome” just by “pushing yourself”.
The good news is that, with the proper treatment and support, most of the people can fully recover.

How can you find out if you suffer from depression?

Depression affects people in different ways and can cause a great variety of symptoms. These range from the constant feelings of sadness and despair to the reduced interest for things and the ways you use them in order to enjoy them. Many people with depression have also anxiety symptoms.

There can also be physical symptoms, such as a feeling that you are always tired, that your sleep is bad, that you have a poor appetite for food or sex, as well as pains and physical discomfort.

The severity of these symptoms can vary. In more mild forms, you may just feel that your energy is persistently low, while a more severe depression can make you feel suicidal and think that your life is not worth living.

Most of the people experience feelings of anxiety, sadness or stress during difficult times. A bad mood can improve after a short time period, instead of being a sign of depression.