How is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy practiced?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can be provided either in individual sessions with a therapist or through group therapy. The number of CBT sessions depends on the problems for which you need help. Although there are interventions with shorter durations for very specific problems, there are around 15 – 20 weekly sessions of a duration of 45 – 50 minutes each.

You and your therapist will discuss together your particular difficulties and will set targets regarding which difficulties you will work on. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy does not consist a fast solution. There is hard work in the sessions and between them. Your therapist will not explicitly tell you what to do with your life and problems. Instead your therapist will help you decide about the difficulties you want to work on in order to improve your condition, and together you will discover the way toward this. Your therapist will also advise you on how you will continue to use the CBT techniques you have learned in your everyday life after the completion of your therapy.