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How can I find a certified, regarding their training, Cognitive Behavioral Therapist?

Unfortunately, therapy in Greece, in contrast with almost all the other European countries, has not yet a legislative framework that protects the patient. You have the right to receive a proper therapy by a trained psychologist or psychiatrist. In parallel, you have the right to learn, first of all, if your therapist is a legal holder of an authorization to practice the profession of Psychologist or Psychiatrist and if they have been trained in the cognitive behavioral model. Visit the webpage of the Greek Association of Behavioral Research (EEES) (http://eees.gr/pistopoihmenoi.htm). At the web page of the Institute of Behavioral Research and Therapy (www.ibrt.gr) there is a list of public organizations and private professionals that provide psychotherapeutic services. This list, although it is not full, guarantees that the people included in it, are authorized to practice this profession and meet all criteria, having been trained according to the directives of the European association of behavioral and cognitive therapy.


The Psychiatrist Kiosterakis Georgios MD, PhD is a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist (CBT) and a Certified Member & Therapist of the Greek Association of Behavioral Research (EEES) (http://eees.gr/pistopoihmenoi.htm) and of the European Association of Behavioral Cognitive Therapy- EABCT (www.eabct.com).


The Psychiatrist Kiosterakis Georgios is also a certified Therapist in Schema Therapy, an innovative method of the 3d wave of Cognitive Therapies, holding the Advanced Training Certification of the International Society of Schema Therapy – ISST, as this is also described at the webpage of ISST (http://www.isstonline.com/greece).